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Illustration Services

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Album Artwork

Need some artwork for your latest musical release? Whether it's album or single artwork, for print or digital, I'll be happy to help.

faye stacey illustration

Animated Gifs

Need a bespoke, illustrated GIF for soicals? Get in touch and we can create something eyecatching for your online presence today.

Creativity - Faye Stacey - Creative Edinburgh

Print Illustrations

I've created illustrations for magazines, like Tie the Knot Scotland, and awards for Creative Edinburgh. With a wealth of experience working in print, I'll be able to help guide you through the process.

sharktower faye stacey

Illustration Suites

I have experience working with businesses like Sharktower in Edinburgh, creating banks of illustrations that suit a variety of situations and formats. I can work with you to give you a large library of images to pull from.

sharktower faye stacey
sharktower faye stacey
Faye’s commissions have mostly been for a feature called Talking Point, which explores hot, sometimes controversial, topics in the wedding industry. The subjects are super niche. How, for instance, would you sum up feminist nuptials? Or what about the wedding competition that’s rife between couples? Every time, I approach her with this edition’s wild idea, and, every time, she listens intently and then blows me away with her suggestions. The concept, and eventual piece of art, always takes the feature to another level and enhances what I’m trying to say like nothing else.

Rosie Patrick, Features Writer



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