The following case study is for a brief originally given to me as part of a job application to create a poster and some Instagram posts for a new Late Night Bites menu at Maggie May's in Glasgow.

After some thinking and a bit of research into the brand I quickly settled on the idea of using vampires from popular culture.

Knowing that my strength is in my drawing, I then did some quick sketches - being sure to keep the energy and the personality up - that I then created again in illustrator, using my sketches as a reference. I also decided at this stage to ditch Angel from Buffy, because he was too similar to Edward Cullen.

After thumbnailing some layouts and deciding which ones I was happy with I then moved on to creating the poster and instagram images. To make sure the work had a fun, B movie, pulpy theme, I kept to a limited colour palette with a strong yellow against black and greyscale imagery. I also wanted everything to have the impression of being a punkish collage to fit with Maggie May's branding. This is enhanced by the use of different fonts for each character, and the irregular shapes.

The finished poster and insta posts.

Background image is courtesy of Simon Matzinger on Unsplash.

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